Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Synchronize ITunes Music with Android devices using doubleTwist. (Mac)

1. Search for and download “doubleTwist” in the Android Market. Upon first launch, the application can email Mac/PC download links for to you. Tap “Continue” to continue to the main screen.

2. Download and install doubleTwist for Mac/PC

3. On first launch, doubleTwist will scan and import your iTunes library into the doubleTwist library.

4. To import your iTunes playlists, click on “Playlist Setup” in the left hand navigation bar within doubleTwist. Then click on “Import” in the main navigation area. Your iTunes playlists will then be imported.

5. Next, connect your phone to your computer. For best results, please only use the USB cable that your phone manufacturer supplied.

6. Drag the status bar down to set the USB connection type. The options displayed in your status bar will vary from Android device to Android device.

7. This USB connection type screen will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. HTC labels it “Disk drive” mode whereas other manufacturers use “Use USB storage” or “USB Mass Storage”.

8. After selection of drive/storage mode, the Android device should now be mounted as a drive on your Mac’s desktop. (This is an important step as doubleTwist will not recognize your device unless it also shows up as a drive on your Mac.)

9. With your Android device connected to your Mac and appearing as a drive, you can now setup the sync process.

10. Click on the “Sync music to device”. The default is to sync “All Music”. You can also sync only selected playlists by clicking on “Selected Playlists:”

11. Do not disconnect your Android device during the sync process or your device’s file system may be corrupted. The synced music is now on your Android device. You can view the list by clicking on “Music” under the device in the left hand navigation.

12. Disconnect your Android device by right clicking over it and then selecting the “Eject” option.

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