Friday, April 30, 2010

Calm before the Spirit storm - iPad 3G

From the iPhone Dev-Team Blog:

At some point after (don’t ask when!) the iPad 3G is actually in customers’ hands, the first “userland” jailbreak since firmware 1.x will be released by @comex. It’s called “Spirit” and was first demonstrated working on an iPad by @MuscleNerd within 24 hours of the iPad’s release on April 3.

Userland jailbreaks are more troublesome for Apple since they expose security weaknesses that exist even for non-jailbroken owners. As such, Apple is likely to close them soon after they’re made public. One recent example of this is the SMS vulnerability exposed at Blackhat last summer. Apple released new firmware to close that hole within a day.

The Spirit jailbreak is most useful for newer devices: iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, and the iPads. Unfortunately those devices are the same ones that Apple can prevent you from downgrading unless you’ve got a backup of your personalized SHSH blobs. Unless you’ve backed up your SHSH blobs for vulnerable firmware versions, you’ll lose the ability to use the current Spirit jailbreak if you accidentally upgrade.

Please take the steps now to backup your SHSH blobs. Use either Firmware Umbrella to create a local copy, or go through saurik’s server. If you are getting an iPad 3G, it’s safest to backup your blobs using Firmware Umbrella, in case saurik’s server gets bogged down with requests.

Other things about Spirit that are useful to know:

-Spirit is an untethered jailbreak.
-Spirit works on all devices. (However, the redsn0w and PwnageTool flows will continue to work on those devices they’ve always worked on)
-Spirit does not include a carrier unlock. (Please don’t bug @comex about that)
-Spirit requires your device to be activated or hacktivated

Please make sure you have your SHSH blobs backed up! While @comex has indicated he’s not going to release the very minute the iPad 3G is out, there’s no telling what Apple might do anyway.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Great iPhone 4G Scandal

Gray Powell, an engineer for Apple, loses his prototype iPhone 4G in a bar. By now we all know how this story goes, and if you don't click here. Some guy finds it and sells it to Gizmodo (Jason Chen), who dismantles it in an attempt to reverse engineer the thing, take pictures and videos and posts them on his blog. Honestly, I don't know if in the same position, if I would not have taken advantage of the situation, but I would have done things much differently than Jason Chen from Gizmodo did. I'm also smart enough to know that their would or could be consequences and I'd have to be prepared to deal with them.

1. I got Apples baby, they are gonna want it back. Thus, the legal notice from Apple to return it. Jason did. So would I.

2. I would not have posted the engineers name who mistakenly lost the phone. That was just plain stupid. People like Mr. Powell are what make the iPhone what it is. Without him and others like him, we would not have iPhones or iPods, or iPads. Think about it. Now, this prototype is not released to the public yet, and most likely for a reason. It could be as simple as marketing strategy or the damn thing is not finished! In fact, the 4.0 OS is still in Beta. Either way, if an Apple employee is gunning around town with it, I bet ya it comes with some kind of "non-disclosure legality" that Mr. Powell would have had to agree too. By posting his name as the one who lost it could mean his job. That is huge. I don't know Mr. Powell, but he may have a wife and children that depend on his job. Think about that Mr. Jason Chen.

3. Got a surprise warrant to search my home and seize 4 computers and 2 servers, and bunch more other stuff. Come on, like you didn't know that was going to happen? Oh wait a minute, you did think it could happen or you would not have an email you printed and kept on your person from Chief Operating Officer and Legal Representative of GAWKER Media LLC (Gizmodo's parent company, and may have fronted the $5K for the stolen iPhone 4G) Gaby Darbyshire claiming that the warrant is invalid by invoking California Penal Code Section 1524 and California Evidence Code Section 1070, seriously?!?! The email was sent to you and San Mateo Police before the raid on your home, so you knew something might be up. Maybe that is why you weren't home? Thinking they would not do anything if you were not there. Guess they broke down the door anyway. And when you got home you conveniently had the email printed out and in your pocket to present to the Police. The funny thing I can't figure out is how your lawyer knew you had a warrant out before you did? Either way, you might want to take a look at California Penal Code Section 496. In short it states every person who buys or receives any property that has been stolen or that has been obtained in any manner constituting theft or extortion, knowing the property to be so stolen or obtained, or who conceals, sells, withholds, or aids in concealing, selling, or withholding any property from the owner, knowing the property to be so stolen or obtained, shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison, or in a county jail for not more than one year. There is more to it, I suggest you read up on it.

Gizmodo bought stolen equipment, and Jason Chen knew it was stolen, which in and of itself is a crime. Deal with it Jason, I'm sure there is more to come for you. But seriously, I hope this is not you in the near future:

Good Luck man!

***Click here to see a copy of the warrant***

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPhone 4G / HD to Launch in June

From QuickPWN:

iPhone 4G or iPhone HD may be the name of Apple’s next generation iPhone phone that launches in June this year along with the iPhone 4.0 software. Some people were skeptical about Apple even launching a new iPhone this year, but now there is solid proof that Apple is launching a new iPhone in June. According to BGR, a reputable rumors website, AT&T is blocking AT&T employees’ vacation time in June. This means that AT&T employees won’t be able to take a vacation during June.

AT&T did this during the previous iPhone releases as well, so this should be sufficient proof for those that were skeptical about the iPhone 4G launching in June.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

MyWi: Turns iPhone into Wireless Hotspot

From iPhoneinCanada by Gary:

You may have heard the latest news about the iPad release being delayed in Canada. Steve Jobs also mentioned that the iPad cannot tether to the iPhone’s data connection. So if you are an iPhone user looking to purchase an iPad, are you going to subscribe to TWO data plans?

MyWi: The Best iPhone Hotspot-Maker-App-Thingy Yet

Not so fast, young grasshopper. There’s a hot new app via Cydia (jailbroken iPhones only) that’s been burning up the charts. It’s called MyWi and it turns your iPhone into a wireless hotspot. This will allow you to connect unlimited devices. I’ve tried it with my iPad (and even up to 3 iPads) and it works amazingly well.

MyWi ($9.99US) will be useful for iPhone owners that can’t get their tethering to work properly, or want to share their data connection with another device like an iPad, PSP, DS, etc.

Here’s a quick summary of how to get MyWi on your iPhone:

1. Jailbroken iPhone required. Check out our guide.
2. Search Cydia for “MyWi (No Rock)”. Buy it for $9.99 (they accept PayPal).
3. Install it, follow the prompts (will require resprings and agreeing to some terms).
4. Setup MyWi on the iPhone and enable WiFi Tethering.
5. Get your iPad/PSP/laptop etc and connect to your desired network name.
6. VOILA! Your iPhone is now a wireless hotspot!

Here are some screenshots of MyWi in action with my iPad:

I know a lot of you have been using MyWi already. It’s an amazing app and kudos to the devs for creating it. Let me know how MyWi works for you!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad comes to Canada

Rogers today announced that it will offer iPad price plans for all models from the end of May in Canada.

The iPad lets users browse the web, read and send email, enjoy and share photos, watch HD videos, listen to music, play games, read ebooks and much more, all using iPad’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface.

For more information about iPad please visit

Stay iTuned as we will share more details as soon as they are available!!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iPhone 4.0 OS

Honestly guys, the best source for this info is from Apple themselves. Click HERE for the details!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPad revued

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iPhone 4.0 - so what's new?


Apple has traditionally previewed its latest iPhone operating software in the spring, followed by a new generation handset in the summer, and there's no reason to believe this year will be any different.

Software for the iPhone 4.0 will be revealed on Thursday (April 8th, 2010), and will update the estimated 40m iPhones, 20m iPod Touch and, in all likelihood, the 300,000 iPads running the iPhone operating system. (Note: Thursday's announcement is just that - an announcement. The new OS will probably reach the masses in around three months' time.)

Photograph: Gonzalo Baeza Hernández/Flickr/Some rights reserved

Likely improvements include support for higher resolution screens, a front-facing camera, muilti-tasking between apps and better voice-to-text features.

• Multitasking is certainly the most in-demand feature. Users can currently email while listening to music, but the inability to use multiple apps at once - despite the implications for battery time - is a frequent gripe. That becomes even more important for iPad users, who will expect improved functionality for their more expensive apps and their altogether more expensive device.

• Daring Fireball's John Gruber, who has a reputation for predicting such things, also mentioned the new double resultion display of 960 x 640 pixels for the iPhone and a second camera on the phone front for apps like video chat.

• AppleInsider expects a global inbox that integrates mail accounts, plus 'speed links' to favourite contacts that can be added to the home screen as an icon.

• Kevin Tofel on GigaOM as well as some kind of cloud-based music service, though that might just be wishful thinking:

"if Apple doesn't offer iTunes streaming over the web, others like Amazon could easily jump in the game. Consumers don't mind carrying their music around, but storing content in the cloud offers nearly limitless capacity to hold media. And if Apple decides this isn't a feature for the iPhone OS, I'll just keep doing what I do today - store and stream my music with a cloud storage service like SugarSync or another provider."

• A better voice-to-text solution might also improve the options for voice-guided GPS navigation, but improvements to the native Maps app are likely following Apple's acquisition of the Placebase company and recruitment of a dedicated engineer last year, according to PC World.

• And other probably-won't-be-solved problems include the lack of email attachments, contact groups and rotation lock that is a feature on the iPad.

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Will the iPad Blend?

I just had to post this, lol!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Using Blackra1n Jailbroken iPhones with iTunes 9.1 issue solved!

If you are having issues with your Blackra1n Jailbroken iDevice, please take a look at the video below by Dinozambas. This will help fix your issues with your iDevice and I've included his links from his YouTube page below the video for the fix.

Click here for Blackra1n fix for NEW iTunes (9.1) 32bit & 64bit

Props to Dinozambas for helping us out with this!! I also suggest subscribing to his YouTube videos, he has a lot of usefull info on most iDevices with Jailbreak and Unlock info and is usually very quick to put out new updates.

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The iPad is Jailbroken!!!

From QuickPWN:
YouTube Video by MuscleNerd

After a day of its release, the Apple iPad has already been jailbroken. MuscleNerd, member of iPhone Dev-Team revealed to us that he has already jailbroken the iPad. Expect an iPad jailbreak very soon.

The iPad can currently run on an SSH server. The jailbreak consists of a variation of the same ‘spirit’ jailbreak which was recently used to de-restrict iPhone 3.1.3. It is evident that the 3.2 firmware still has a number of security holes that have let the iPhone Dev-Team able to jailbreak it using the iPhone 2.1.2 hack. This jailbreak method sounds similar to the earlier technique which uses a browser-based exploit to get root access and let unsigned applications running on the tablet. Right now, we are not sure if this could be made into an automated process for regular readers.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Planned Tablet Hacks

From the iPhone Dev Team:

The iPhone DevTeam has been passed confidential internal information relating to the next version of the tablet computer the ‘iPad’. An upcoming redesign of the iPad tablet computer will miniaturize the device so that it will be able to be carried on the user’s person (such as a pocket or small bag). Also a radical move to add a minimum of a 13 kbits/s speech codec to the miniaturized tablet variant is planned.

The inclusion of the voice codec will allow the user to directly utilize the GSM nomadic network, allowing person to person communications directly using your mini-iPad from anywhere dramatically speeding up the usual typed email or instant messaging capabilities that the iPad offers today.

It is the plan of the iPhone DevTeam to target this device as soon as it is released.