Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Apple continues with making Jailbreaking illegal

As reported back in February, Apple has taken the necessary steps to make jailbreaking your iPhone illegal in response to Electronic Frontier Foundation asking for a DMCA exemption for jailbreaking. The discussion’s continued as Apple’s head of marketing met with Electronic Frontier Foundation and various Copyright Office officials including record labels, movie studios, and the software industry.

Among the topics discussed were:

* A DMCA exemption for cell phone “jailbreaking” — liberating iPhones and other handsets to run applications from sources other than those approved by the phone maker. More than a million iPhone owners have “jailbroken” their iPhones in order to use applications obtained from sources other than Apple’s own iTunes “App Store.” Apple has taken the position that any modification of an iPhone’s software to enable the use of applications from other sources violates the DMCA.

* Renewal of the 2006 exemption for unlocking cell phones so that the handsets can be used with any telecommunications carrier. Several carriers have threatened cell phone unlockers with legal action under the DMCA, even though there is no copyright infringement involved in the unlocking. The digital locks on cell phones, however, make it harder to resell, reuse, or recycle the handset.

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