Monday, January 11, 2010

France Telecom Executive Confirms Apple Tablet?

Stéphane Richard, a France Télécom and Orange executive, confirms the existence of an Apple Tablet during a radio interview. The execustive even notes that the tablet will come with a webcam to shoot realtime video. Here is a short transcript of the interview:

Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: According to weekly Le Point, in a couple of days Apple will be launching its tablet computer …
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: … equipped with a webcam.
Stéphane Richard: Yes.
Jean-Pierre Elkabbach: Are Orange customers going to be able to enjoy it?
Stéphane Richard: Of course!

Here is a video giving more information:

So did our France Télécom and Orange executive jump the gun? Orange did respond to above video:

“These responses in no way reflect Orange’s confirmation of the existence of the rumoured device. The spokesperson was merely confirming that he is aware of the speculation surrounding a launch and that Orange would be delighted to have such a product were it ever to be available”

Perhaps this the work of Apple’s PR machine the scenes again? We will see in the near future and there is no doubt the Apple Tablet will come to play soon.

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