Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPhone 4G / HD to Launch in June

From QuickPWN:

iPhone 4G or iPhone HD may be the name of Apple’s next generation iPhone phone that launches in June this year along with the iPhone 4.0 software. Some people were skeptical about Apple even launching a new iPhone this year, but now there is solid proof that Apple is launching a new iPhone in June. According to BGR, a reputable rumors website, AT&T is blocking AT&T employees’ vacation time in June. This means that AT&T employees won’t be able to take a vacation during June.

AT&T did this during the previous iPhone releases as well, so this should be sufficient proof for those that were skeptical about the iPhone 4G launching in June.


  1. Can you provide some more details about the specifications of the iphone 4.0?

    Will it have MMS Functionality?

  2. Yup, just take a look at a previous post here: