Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iPhone 4 to be released in Canada July 30th

The iPhone 4 is to be released for Rogers customers as per

Customers are being asked to refrain from calling Rogers Customer Care for inventory updates as stock levels are anticipated to drop quickly and Rogers Care representatives will not have updated information on iPhone 4 inventory levels. Customers are instead asked to do the following:

1. Check If there are iPhones available, customers may purchase it online.
2. Customers are to call or visit a Rogers Retail stores to see if they have any devices in stock. Customers can find the closest store location by going to The store will advise the customer of the current availability, and/or when they will receive a new shipment.
3. Customers can call Customer Care (1-888-ROGERS-1) and will be provided availability updates through the automated menu (IVR). The customer should hang up after they receive the availability information and not to call into Rogers Care, because Care reps will be unable to provide any additional information.
4. Customers can sign up on to receive e-mails from Rogers notifying them of any inventory updates.

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