Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dual-Screen Concept Cell Phone

This post is not iPhone related but I found it too interesting not to share. Take a look at this concept cell phone you may see in the near future:

Alloy Total Product Design has come up with The Polygon, a cool new concept phone.

This one seems to resemble the Nintendo DS in terms of design, and while at times a bit too similar, the whole dual screen nature of the casing seems to go very well with the cellphone. A portable phone is supposed to provide the user with a quick, convenient and efficient way to make calls on the go, and this concept works quite well on The Polygon. While obviously not going to be released in the very near future, The Polygon provides hope for constant innovation in the cellphone industry.

The Polygon consists of two screens, one a touchscreen and one a regular display. The regular display is supposed to be very high resolution, and quite large. This is because most of the data that you will be viewing will be shown here. If you wish to watch television, or browse the net, this is the screen that'll display all of the video and pictures. The second screen is sensitive to the touch, and is thus a lot more durable. This is the screen used for navigation of the various features and media available on The Polygon.

The traditional physical keypad won't appear here, and will be replaced by a virtual one that's displayed on the touchscreen. Both portrait and landscape modes should be available on the phone.

This concept phone is proof that every cellphone design hasn't been tried out just yet. With sliders, smartphones and super slim phones, it seems like there's no room for any new designs, and yet Alloy Total Product Design has thought of just this. The Polygon surely looks and functions like a futuristic phone, and should especially get some love from fans of Nintendo's handheld. Let's hope that a company realizes the potential of such a slick looking device, and actually builds a retail model.

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