Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The 5 Column Springboard

Want to change your 4 column springboard to a 5 column springboard? This is how you can do it!

The iPhone standard 4 column springboard will only display up to 9 pages or 144 icons. The 5 column springboard will accommodate 180 icons on those 9 pages. So if your looking for a little more space follow these steps:

Step 1

Launch Cydia using your iDevice

Step 2

Select "Manage" then "sources"

Step 3

Add the following source:

Step 4

Select the source then do a search for five-column springboard. It will look like this:

Step 5

Select and install it

Step 6

Power cycle your iDevice and your done.

The only 2 things that will change is obviously the 4 column to a 5 column springboard and when you move icons they will not wiggle. This is to cut down on lag as that could potentially be a lot of wiggling icons.

To remove the 5 columns springboard, simply uninstall the patch via Cydia.

The above is the easiest way to get this patch installed. There is a manual way to do it using WinSCP and your SSH. You should also keep in mind this is the original release of the patch and is a beta. You can get more info on this using this link

Special thanks to Sakurina, the guy behind five-column SpringBoard!

Stay iTuned for more soon!!!!

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