Thursday, November 19, 2009 Day 4 Q & A

For Installous users who are being blocked by Kyek at, here are the answers to his questions to gain access.

Previous Questions:

Q: You're connected to our IRC server. To join our room, what would you type?
A: /join #chatulous

Q: They need to do way _________ mother.
A: instain

Q: What German publication ran a two-page feature on Appulous in September?
(It looks like a typo... but it's not!)(Two words, and the first is two letters.)
A: pc magazin

Q:I posted a job on rent-a-coder for someone to make an Appulous knockoff for my site. Kyek accepted the job under another name and pwned me :(. But we're cool now. Who am I?
A: pr0x

Q: This site made a bad knockoff of Appulous to try to get hits, but ended up getting DDoSed until they took it down. It's
A: imodzone

Q: My name used to be Omgwtf. Who am I now?
A: saladfork

Q: Before Genius' Hackulous tag said "Root Admin", what did it say?
A: president

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