Friday, November 27, 2009

The “My Account” iPhone App from Rogers / Fido

A few months ago, Rogers and Fido updated their websites to provide customers with the ability to view their wireless usage in almost real-time. The information was updated every four hours and gave users a great tool to track wireless usage.

To expand on that functionality and to set themselves apart from the other two Canadian iPhone carriers, Rogers and Fido have released new apps called “My Account”. The apps require no inputting of account credentials and simply pull everything from your iPhone network connection and SIM card.

Both Rogers and Fido each have their own version of the app and both apps provide customers with their wireless usage. Like the website, users can see minutes, text message and data usage right from their iPhone, which updates every 20 minutes instead of four hours as on the Rogers/Fido websites. The apps also allow customers to view their current balance and make a payment via credit card.

These apps do not support Corporate Paid/Reimbursed Accounts or Prepaid accounts. You also must be on 3G or EDGE for the apps to retrieve your account information. If you are on WiFi, you will have to turn WiFi off and connect to 3G or EDGE. This is annoying but hopefully a fix for this will come in the future.

Both of the Rogers My Account and Fido My Account apps are available on the iTunes App Store for free.

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