Thursday, November 26, 2009

What happened to the Troll Bridge?

Since November 16th, 2009 Kayek introduced the much hated / loved Troll bridge at The largely popular site full of links to free iPhone and iPod applications cracked and posted by "App Pirates" around the world.

The Troll Bridge was introduced as a temporary solution to millions of hits bringing down the sites server. Instead of bringing the server down completly to correct the issue, Kayek introduced a question and answer "block" only giving access to users who submitted the correct answer. The idea was to slow down the hits directly on the server, allowing upgrades to take place without cutting the server off completely.

The question typically changed every few hours, but as of November 21st, 2009, the same question: "Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker." with an answer of "cavern" has remained for the past 5 days. This brings several questions of our own to the table:

Is this the end of the Troll Bridge?
Will the question change?
Are the servers fixed?
Is Kayek on Vacation?

Only Kayek can answer these questions I supposed, but I'm certain there is anticipation throughout the "App Community" regarding this. Keep your eye on this blog for updates as we will be monitoring daily and will post new information as it comes in. Stay iTuned!!

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