Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Broke ur iPhone, no prob, fix it urself!!!

Recently I was faced with an iPhone that fell and the glass cracked. Phone still worked but was a mess!! Nor Apple or the service provider would cover this as it was physical damage to the device so I was left with 2 options: Send it away and pay to have it fixed or buy the parts and fix it myself. So begins my journey on my "do-it-urselfer iPhone repair!

I bought a lot of stuff and made some mistakes along the way but in the end I got 'er done! Ebay is a wonderfull source for replacement iPhone parts. I initially just bought the glass thinking I could go this route. I got a good deal, about $5 for glass, but the glass is actually adheard to the digitizer. You can fix it this way but it is a lengthy and dificult process and you risk damaging other parts. Here is a video showing this method. After watching this you can see, not the best way to do it.

See what I mean?! The above method not only takes way too long but is dangerous. As the glass cracks it does fly around, so I recommend eye protection!! I nearly crapped myself when he brings out the HUGE knife!! LOL! Want to lose a finger?!?!

The method I would recommend is to replace the entire assembly. That cost me between $30 and $40 on eBay. Below is the video supplied by directfix that I used as a guide. I recommend watching the entire video before doing anything to get a feel of what needs to be done then starting it from scratch, pausing along the way as you follow the steps. I'll include the reassembly video as well:

After watching these videos, you can see how easy it can be to repair the iPhone if the need arises. Just take your time and patience.

The parts and tools you'll need are:

A replacement digitizer

Replacement Adhesive Stickers

iPhone Opening Tools

A Heat Gun or Hairdryer

Good luck!!

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